Foxy Jazzabelle

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1. Independent journalist-blogger hybrid of the House genus Vulpes; opinionated yet thoughtful omnivorous carnivore with bylines, media chops, and a long, bushy tail.


2. Mother of Diana, the Mercurial Maine Coone Cat.


3. Crafty graphic design Maven.

4. Current Phoenix Force host.


Foxy Jazzabelle

About Foxy


I've been nerdy my entire life. Comic books, movies, fiction, video games, it didn't matter! If I liked it, I was reading it, watching it, and drawing it. With the explosion of social media, like many, I migrated to Twitter because of the ease of sharing and gathering information, self-expression, and establishing communities with like-minded folks.


After some time, it became a necessity to create a space I can share my thoughts, opinions, & experiences via commentary and reviews on comics, pop culture, politics, and current events from the perspective of a nerd at lots of intersections:

Black • sex-positive • feminist • queer • secular nonbeliever

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FOXY Jazzabelle has a small yet engaged following

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Since 2015, FOXY Jazzabelle has transformed from a simple blog to a journalist-blogger column and media hub, publishing commentary, analyses, reviews, et cetera.


FOXY Jazzabelle is also a safe space for musings about life, sex, social justice, fried chicken addictions, and so much more. 

Social Media Following

FOXY Jazzabelle has a small yet engaged following

that grows year after year. 

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