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Away with Hazel-E & her Faux "Girl Code"

If your "code" is filled with internalized misogyny and anti-LGBTQ stances and behaviors, your code is trash. And that's exactly what Hazel-E's so-called "Girl Code" amounts to: trash.

News broke this Sunday of reality-tv and "rapper" Hazel-E being fired from "Love and Hip -Hop Hollywood" because the show producers pretty much had it with her "antics" during the LHHH Reunion. And that was only AFTER the homophobic and colorist rant she went on days before via her Instagram. Hazel-E has long been a problematic character on the show, though not the ONLY one, for sure. But in this past season in particular, Hazel seems to have let being in Hollywood go to her head nose first, whether through her arrogant behavior and overestimating her star credentials, or through her consistent patriarchal-patty treatment of other women she perceives as 'competition'.

And she had the NERVE to name an album of hers---and a book,---"Girl Code".

Excuse me while I....

How you talkin' 'bout ethics as a lifestyle when you lie about shit & stay tearing down other women?

Reality TV definitely has its scripted moments, but while the "Love and Hip-Hop" series absolutely has them, reality TV also functions as a mirror of what does happen in, well....reality. For me, what sadly stands out in this series is the adherence to patriarchal 'norms' and expectations of women, mostly perpetuated by the women on these shows. The go-to road of "shade" women utilize on LHH is sex-shaming & misogyny towards each other, and even homomisia towards men, as seen via Masika Kalysha calling Zell Swag, one of the past season's only queer Black men, a "f****t" on social media.

And, as we know, Hazel-E partakes in homomisia herself, given she and her PTY Rose Burgundy went on an anti-gay rant because there were rumors flying around that Rose was gay. Because to folks who still use patriarchal norms as currency for being a human being, being thought of as gay is basically up there with someone assaulting ya momma. Then, of course, we have Hazel calling dark-skinned Black women "monkeys", and accusing them of hating on her because she's much lighter in skin hue than them....*sigh* I keep searching for the so-called "Girl Code", but there IS none to be found!

It amazes me how Hazel can have the GALL to tell ANY Black woman to love themselves while getting 50-11 nose surgeries and pontificating about how her mom told her that darker Black girls would hate on her for being lightskinned, and utilizing those problematic words to put herself up on a pedestal over darker-skinned Black women. Hazel also attempts to shame another Black woman comedienne for posing nude with her toddler son in a photoshoot, because....nudity makes a woman a bad mother, I guess? Because, if her son ends up being gay, that would be the WORST THING for a parent?

Again, where is this "Girl Code"? Where is this ideal of "making ethics a lifestyle", and uplifting and empowering women? How can you empower another woman by attempting to shame her and tear her down with the same tools men utilize to tear YOU down? How can you be about any sort of ethical code among women and girls when you can't even face the truth about your OWN sexual past, like, oh, when you claim you've slept with men you haven't slept with, or been in an exclusive relationship with someone who NEVER expressed they wanted that with you?

The truth is, you cannot begin to build any sort of code that others can join in on until you have your own that's solid, and if Hazel-E has proven anything else, she's proven that her "Girl Code" is only focused on making being a patriarchal patty a lifestyle, and there's really no need for trying to dress this up as something new or beneficial. I'm glad Hazel-E is gone from "Love and Hip-Hop", and she won't be missed.

#Love and Hip Hop Hollywood #reality TV #Hazel E #homomisia #colorism #sex negativity

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