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Foxy Joins DCTV Podcasts for the new 'Green Lantern Podcast'

Updated: Mar 20

In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil--or hungry person--shall escape my sight, as a new recruit for DCTV Podcasts and annual fundraiser.

On the heels of the announcement of an upcoming series for DC Comics' "Green Lantern", DC TV Podcasts, the network home for such podcasts as the Flash Podcast, Quiver, and Black Lightning Podcast, etc., has gathered a group of insightful and witty nerds together who have shown the ability to overcome great fear to form the all-new Green Lantern Podcast!

Join John, Ryanne, Toni, and myself as we discuss all things Green Lantern in preparation for the HBO Max series!

Season 0, Episode 1: Meet the Hosts

Be sure to like, rate, comment, and subscribe where all podcasts are found. And be sure to join the entire DC TV Podcasts family live this Saturday 6/20 for the 6th Annual Fundraiser Marathon, where we'll be raising money for the nonprofit Feeding America!

The Green Lantern Podcast marathon slot will be live at 3PM EST/12PM PST, so come ring-sling with us for a good cause!!

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