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Foxy Catches Up With: Mikki Kendall

Earlier this year, Dynamite Entertainment announced their crossover event "Swords of Sorrow" being bought to us by Red Sonja scribe Gail Simone and a group of talented women writers, including one of my Twitter Black Feminist Faves, Karnythia aka Mikki Kendall!!

Since Mikki and I didn't get a chance to really hang out after meeting at New York Comic Con last October, I caught up with her to talk about "Swords of Sorrow" and the other numerous things she's got going on!

Foxy: So how did you come to be involved with "Swords of Sorrow"? I know Gail Simone is one of your fave comic writers, so did she reach out to you to join in the project?

Mikki: I met Gail online first, and then in person. She happened to ask if I wrote fiction. I do, she liked what she read, & then she asked me if I was interested in comics. I said "Yes" (because of course that's what you say), & it turned into an invite to do this.

Foxy: That's awesome! Which tie-in are you writing for the crossover?

Mikki: Lady Rawhide vs Ms Fury. Here's a sample of the artwork by Ronilson Freire:

Foxy: Do you plan to continue writing comics for the foreseeable future, or will you focus on fiction when SOS is finished?

Mikki: I have 2 longer fiction projects I need to finish, a non fiction project, and yet, I still want to do comics. I'm also co-editing a sci fi anthology with Crossed Genres, so I really have a schedule problem. *chuckles*

Foxy: I think you can do it all, but it sounds like the first order of business is: to get a personal assistant!

Mikki: This is on the to-do list. I'm signing up with a speakers bureau since I do these college speaking events so often. Also, the con I'm co-chairing is in May, so that will be off my plate soon.

Foxy: You're co-chairing a convention? Which one?

Mikki: A feminist sci fi con called WisCon in Madison, WI.

Foxy: Will you be speaking on a panel as well at WisCon?

Mikki: Oh yeah, I panel & party at WisCon every year.

Foxy: While we're on the subject of conventions & speaking events, will you be doing another panel at New York Comic Con this year?

Mikki: I'm debating NYCC. We'll see. This is a busy year already. But it might could happen!

Foxy: If only my co-worker wasn't getting married the same weekend of WisCon....that would've been a nice first trip to WI. *sigh* alas. Okay, so, for those who wanna keep up with your appearances and speaking engagements, what's the best way to do so?

Mikki: Theoretically, this is the month I get my life together & get my site updated regularly. Realistically, Twitter & my Facebook page are probably the best way.

Mikki Kendall is not only the proud descendant of Hex-Throwing Goons, she's a fantastic blerd writer, feminist speaker and activist. You can follow her exploits on Twitter, Facebook, and mikkikendall.com. Mikki is also 1/2 of Hood Feminism with fellow blerd feminist writer and Nerdgasm Noire podcaster Jamie Nesbitt Golden.

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