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Foxy Nerdy Recap: New York Comic Con 2014 and why Greg Pak is the Best Person EVER

Back in October, I went to New York Comic Con, after not having attended the con for about oh…2, 3 years? I have to say, since the con first started, NYCC has grown by leaps and bounds, not just with the vendors, artists and events, but with attendance. I had a 3 day pass, and when I arrived at the Javitz Center, OHMYGOD! There was soooo much stuff to look at and take in, I just didn’t know where to start! It took a while for me to decide what I wanted to do first, but I knew that ultimately I wanted to get some Sailor Moon stuff, get my Storm #1 signed by Greg Pak, and take in some panels.

The highlights of NYCC for me were:

- walking around the floor in search of Sailor Moon stuff:

- seeing Phil Jimenez drawing commission at the GeeksOUT! Booth; went over to say hello and I ended up buying a GeeksOUT bag that says STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER on it:

-The Vulture: Carol Corps and Beyond: The Future of Female Fandom panel, with Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, Red Sonja writer Gail Simone, and Sana Amanat, editor for Ms Marvel, the Mary Sue Presents-Strong Female Characters: The Women Shining in Geek Media, #YesAllGeeks: Let’s Talk About Harassment in Fandom, and The Kubert School. All three panels were great, but the #YesAllGeeks panel was probably the best one I went to that day, mainly because it addressed the issue of harassment at conventions and brainstormed ideas about what can be done to address it.

And, as a bonus, if only for a brief moment bc she had other commitments to get to that day, I finally met social activist and feminist writer Mikki Kendall, aka Karnythia on Twitter!! YAYYY!!

- going to Artist Alley to get my Storm #1 signed by Greg Pak:

After getting my book signed & purchasing "Make Comics Like the Pros!", I went to the table for Mark Brooks. He wasn’t there, but I bought the VIP edition of his hardcover collection of artworks. Love his work. LOVE IT! I walked around Artist Alley some more, bought a cool Dark Phoenix art print, then went back to the main part of the con.

Before I wrap this recap up, I gotta speak on something for a bit.

When I heard that Storm was getting another solo series, I was a bit hesitant at first. But then when I heard that Greg Pak would be writing it, I had much higher hopes. And those hopes have been FULFILLED and #DELIVERT!! The book is SO GOOD, and it’s so needed now at a time when diversity is needed in comics; it's important that all people, especially Black girls and women see themselves represented and accounted for the media we consume, and for the most part, Marvel Comics has been doing a FINE job with that. And with the Storm series, Pak’s writing is awesome! It's the best I’ve seen in depicting Storm as a multifaceted character since Chris Claremont. I really like his approach: every adventure is self-contained within the issue, like a television series, but the events are still connected with the continuity of the Marvel universe. We, the reader get to see a much wilder and free but mature and experienced Ororo Munroe; she’s been through a lot and you can see the growth, especially with her donning a Mohawk once again. One cannot maintain the air of ‘serenity goddess’ forever, and I think her experiences with being a queen have had that effect on her; it was a prison of sorts that she has shed and that’s an important message for young Black girls and Black women like myself: that we have to break out of prisons that society imposes on us and that we impose on ourselves in order to be free and to own ourselves. And the artwork by Victor Ibanez….OH MY STARS AND GARTERS….it’s beautiful. I love Victor’s renderings of Mohawk Storm, and it’s obvious he takes great care to depict Black and other non-White ethnicities in a non-caricature-like or stereotypical way. I can’t be any happier with the book than I am.

All in all, New York Comic Con 2014 was great. I'm glad I was able to get a ticket and go this year, it was well worth the money spent, along with wading through so many people! Looking forward to NYCC 2015!

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