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Foxy Reads: GIRLS NIGHT OUT Series

I love me a good short story. Add one part humorous, fun storytelling with couple parts great sequential art, and you have the “Girls Night Out” series by Amy Chu, featuring art from Sean Chen, Louie Chin, Juri HC, Janet K. Lee, and many more! The Girls Night Out series features various one-shot and continuing short stories, such as:

  • “Saving Abby”, a dystopian-future action-adventure story about D, ex-Delta Force-turned cabbie contracted by a NJ tycoon to save his precious cat, Abby; stuck in the economic wasteland that is now New York City. Since most businesses have relocated outside of NYC, the city is nothing more than a former shell of itself with dilapidated buildings and overrun with mutated, overgrown rats and pigeons. You know, like NYC in the 1970s and 1980s times infinity. Who knew saving one cat could prove so perilous?

  • “A Meta Kind of Day”, a contemporary, hilarious twist on Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”. A nerdy kid wakes up to find that he’s transformed into a huge bug, reviled by everyone around him. But before he decides to end it all on the subway tracks, fate intervenes and his circumstances change for the better.

  • “Girls Night Out”, the misadventures of a group of orderlies and senior citizens in an old folks’ home, centering around Sophie, a resident of the home with dementia.

  • And the adventures of businessman Bob, his son Ted, & his friends, who bond through playing MMORPGs together, which include continuing their gaming in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and Ted dealing with his crush on a friend of his (and learning that his family thought he was gay, LOL!).

And there are many more heartwarming, comedic, and horror tales within the GNO series; each issue takes on a different theme. With “GNO: Tales of New York”, each story is set in the Tri-State area, while “GNO: The Way Love Goes”, the main theme is love in all forms: family, platonic, romantic, loyalty, etc.

For more of Amy Chu’s comic short stories, go to iwritecomics.com or alphagirlcomics.wordpress.com

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