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Foxy Reviews: Eating Vampires

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

A SSF-Occult story with Black and Non-Black Women of Color as heroines & protectors, "Eating Vampires" is the indie vampire story we've needed and deserve.

A supernatural period story set in Africa in the 1900s, Eating Vampires introduces us to Myla and her women warrior companions as they trek across the desert with most precious cargo: a young girl named Evelyn, the last of her peoples, the Purifiers. Myla and her companions are confronted by a band of male revenants---vampires---known as "the Afflicted". But this small party of the undead soon find out that Myla and her group aren’t alone, nor are they just helpless maidens unable to fight!

And fight they do, with supernatural secret weapons of their own: Battle Guardian Rigel Alexa and her winged tiger, Madix; they are “Eaters”, beings with paranormal strength, shape-shifting abilities, and who literally eat vampires for sustenance! After successfully thwarting their enemies, Rigel and her troop arrive at Em Baal Souk, a location that doesn’t allow revenants access; it is here that Rigel hopes that Evelyn will be safe.

One of the great things about "Eating Vampires", besides the art by the talented Delia Gable, writer Regine Sawyer establishes a mythos with Black women as normal and supernatural protagonists, as well as having a lone black girl as humanity's only hope. It's refreshing and empowering, as a lifelong fan of comic books, to see characters who not only look like you, but are afforded the same positive roles and story tropes that are mostly resigned for White girls and women. Sawyer gives complexity to the character of Rigel; she doesn't enjoy her position as an "Eater", but she accepts her current lot to keep Evelyn safe from monsters, even if that means being something of a monster herself.

Eating Vampires #1 is in stores now!

You can also purchase Eating Vampires #1 from Lockett Down Productions' website!

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