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So if you don't know, I'm a sucker for New York Comic Con.

Since the first one kicked off back in 2007, if I remember correctly, New York Comic Con has become THE major comic convention on the East Coast, as San Diego Comic Con International has become the major convention on the West Coast. I knew that if I missed any other convention during the year, at least I can go to the convention in my own backyard. Or so I thought.

Over the years, as the scope of NYCC has grown, so has the difficulty in purchasing tickets to the event. Last year, Reed Pop Exhibitions, the group responsible for NYCC, started a "Fan Verification" system in order to combat ticket scalping. The effectiveness of Fan Verification still remains to be seen, but folks looking to get over on systems will always find a way.

Reed Exhibitions also reduced the venues where fans could go purchase con tickets if they missed out on or were unable to get the type of ticket desired during pre-sales online. This, along with long online queues in which Friday and Saturday tickets were sold out in under 12 hours, Reed ending the sale of 3-day and 4-day tickets this year, and the Jacob Javitz Center being under construction, had really put a damper on my excitement for NYCC this year, and I was prepared to sit NYCC2017 out.

Until a friend of mine swooped in & saved the day, via an extra NYCC ticket for Friday! I also had the day off work, so things had worked out perfectly! I used my NYCC app to plan my Friday and take a look at what I could catch, and what I'd be missing. I have to say, this year's line up of panels seemed pale in comparison to panels from NYCC 2016. The only panels I was really excited for were panels that had mostly independent Black creators and Non-Black creators of color, and I was only able to go to one of them on Friday, as the #BlackHeroesMatter panel was over the weekend. *sobs*

Because I was running around to panels, I had VERY little time on the show floor, where I take the most pictures and check out the multitude of comic and geek merchandise, books, etc. I spent some time in Artist Alley as well, but because of the construction going on at the Javitz, Artist Alley was in the further South part, which is a MUCH smaller space than the space used for NYCC 2016. The cramped space of Artist Alley with the huge Friday crowds in the Javitz compounded my feelings of having to rush through everything because I only had the one day to take in the con experience.

All in all, I give this year's NYCC 2 out of 4 foxes. Here's to hoping that:

  • Construction in the Javitz will be complete so that Artist Alley can be held at the North End again

  • Reed Pop brings back 3-day and 4-day con tickets

  • More shops will be able to sell NYCC tix

  • A better selection of panels

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