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Foxy Watches Sailor Moon Crystal :OMG Tuxedo Mask IS Useful After All!

"Wait....so I can haz a energy projection power too, bro?!"

So, we’re still in Season One of Sailor Moon Crystal!

Looks like Season One are including the BlackMoon/Crystal Tokyo arc, which is COOL! One of the main things I like about the Crystal series is that there aren’t any “filler” episodes, like you find in other anime series like “Dragon Ball Z” and such.

And another thing I like about SMC: Tuxedo Mask is ACTUALLY. USEFUL.

He actually has a super power of his own! He’s not useless!! And it’s called:

Tuxedo "I Don't Just Throw Roses & Get The Shit Kicked Out Of Me/Kidnapped" Useful Attack!

Mamoru bust that move out after feeling that he was useless and had no real power to protect Usagi. Nice lil role reversal!

*chuckles* Just kidding. Man or woman, we all have times where we feel we are powerless to protect the ones we love, but then we find out, we’re more than strong enough if we dig deep enough and believe in ourselves. ^_^

And Tuxedo did this JUST in time to help Sailor Moon deal with the BlackMoon, as Sailors Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter have been taken hostage after they failed to defeat each of the Four Sisters. Not to mention that once Sailor Moon, Venus and Tuxedo Mask accompany Chibi Usa into the future, and Sailor Moon finds out that she can’t use her Silver Moon Crystal---and therefore her Sailor Senshi powers---in the future.

So! It’s been WAY PAST TIME for Mamoru Chiba, aka Tuxedo Mask, aka Prince Endymion, to show his quality!

And he has ^_^

…well, so far!

I was able to catch up with Act 21, “Complication”, and Act 22, “Hidden Agenda”! Usagi’s been taken hostage by Prince Demando, on Nemesis! Seems like the main gripe the people of the Blackmoon have is people being able to be happy and live long lives.

"I hate you & your long lifespan, but you're soooo beautiful! Let's snozz!"

Jerks. Some people just CAN’T accept a good thing and just ROLL with it, they wanna destroy the world if they can be king of the ashes!

Unable to transform or use her senshi powers, Neo Queen Serenity reached out to Usagi and gave her the power to rescue Ami, Rei, and Makoto, & escape from Nemesis! The five Inner Senshi have reunited….but now Tuxedo Kamen and ChibiUsa are missing! Poor ChibiUsa is feeling even more and more alone with her only friend, Sailor Pluto, smiling and talking with King Endymion in the same way she’d act with the Small Lady. Feeling abandoned and sad deep down because she’s lived for 900 years and hasn’t grown into an adult, ChibiUsa runs away, only to end up in the clutches of Wiseman!

This is what happens when you're 900 years old with grown woman envy.

And, as seen towards the end of Act 22, Wiseman has already put his own evil agenda in motion, disposing anyone who gets in his way, including his own “henchman” Rubeus with the help of a mysterious lady with pink pigtails…

…the very same pink-pigtailed lady who now has her claws in Tuxedo Mask?

Will we find out who this new enemy is? Will the Sailor Soldiers be able to stop Wiseman and save their present and their future?! We’ll have to tune in for the next act and see!



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