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#FoxyReviews 'Triple Threat': A Love Letter to Martial Arts Fans Everywhere

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

An ensemble of the world's greatest action and martial arts stars of past an present come together to push this cat-and-mouse action movie, full of double-crossings, shootouts, debts paid in full, promises made, and the frightened finding their courage.

Down, but not Out: Tiger Chen, Iko Uwaiss, and Tony Jaa

Three of Asia's most prolific martial arts actors and choreographers come together as a trio of mercenaries out for revenge against a group of shady assassins-for-hire while keeping a wealthy heiress safe in the action- thriller, Triple Threat.

The movie centers around international action stars Tony Jaa and Tiger Chen as Payu and Long-Fei, two mercenaries accompanying a strike team on what they thought was a humanitarian rescue mission that quickly turned into a utter massacre after the strike team rescues their leader, Collins(Scott Adkins), from the clutches of an MI-6 camp in Burma. Betrayed and left for dead, Payu and Long-Fei break out and rescue the last remaining prisoners before explosives incinerate the entire encampment.

Little do they know, there was one other soldier that survived: Jaka(played by The Raid and Raid: Redemption star Iko Uwaiss), whose fellow comrades and wife was killed by Collins' strike team. Swearing revenge, Jaka trails Payu and Long-Fei to an underground fighting ring, participating in fights to save up money to get their revenge on the strike team. After some physical misunderstandings, the trio talk and form an unsteady alliance that's tested throughout the movie.

At the same time these events are unfolding, a plot emerges from the bowels of the crime syndicate; Su Fing, a crime boss, hires Collins and his team members Devareaux (action star Michael Jai White), Joey (UFC fighter and actor Michael Bisping) to assassinate young heiress Xiao Xian, a philanthropist whose sole mission is to eradicate crime and corruption from the city by bringing all major crime syndicates to justice. The movie seams together this plot and the revenge plot cohesively, and Payu & Long-Fei's quest for vengeance later evolves to include protecting Xiao Xian(Celina Jade) and evading Collins and his team.

The Kill Team: Scott Adkins, Jeeja Yanin, Michael Bisping, and Michael Jai White

The action sequences are where the actors are allowed to shine the most. Fans of Ong Bak, The Man of Tai Chi, and The Raid movies won't be disappointed with fights and battles in Triple Threat, from Tony Jaa giving us the Muy Thai we need, to Tiger Chen reminding us why Man of Tai Chi was so good, to the battles in the movie's third act. The best fight of the third act is easily a tie between Jaka versus Devareaux and Long-Fei versus Joey; each fight took on the old tale of David versus Goliath, with Collins, Devareaux, and Joey having the height---and thus, range---advantage over Payu, Long-Fei, and Jaka. But just like David, the triple threats are more than formidable matches for each of their Goliaths. Triple Threat takes martial arts action movies to the next level with the blend of multiple cultures, languages, fighting styles, and even explores the question of whether philanthropy can reduce societal ills in the world, if only for a couple minutes before more shooting starts.

Triple Threat premieres Tuesday, March 19, for a one-day-engagement at select theaters across the country, and will be available for video-on-demand this Friday, March 22! Check here to see where it's playing in your state.

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