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There Are No Skeptics Here: Being a Black Atheist Woman in a White Atheist World

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

I haven’t made a video on my YouTube channel since after Trump was elected. I guess you could say that I lost motivation for producing content on my channel for a time. It’s always a work-in-progress goal to become more active with videos, but the truth is, I wonder what the use is, mainly because of the sharp turn the Atheist/Skeptic “community” has taken recently. It has turned into flotsam of Anti-Black racism & prejudice, Islamophobia, and misogyny, and YouTube has become a place where all one need do is appeal to the lowest common denominator and having your biases confirmed for easy subs and misinforming folks for Patreon monies matters more than actually knowing anything.

YouTube, for me, has become the place where atheist and skeptic content providers I once thought had great things to say have outed themselves as casually racist and sexist dudebros who think reverse racism is an actual thing, that White people are the most oppressed group in society, and that it’s totally okay to support and vote for Donald Trump because the world tells you what a bad person you are for being a man, for being White, and for not voting for Hilary. Of course, those are total strawmen reasons folks use to rationalize being less-than-stellar human beings because it’s always easier to blame external factors than looking inward.

It is exhausting and disappointing to be expected to entertain folks who are not only willfully ignorant, but are proud of it, and don’t care about how reality is outside of their own White ethnocentric lens. They are hyper-skeptical, hyper-cynical, easily led, totally lacking in empathy for anyone who isn’t them or doesn’t dance to their status quo-perpetuating tune. Once debating with creationists got old, the “community” basically showed itself to filled with folks who are just as scummy, just as uninformed, and just as reprehensible as the creationists they mocked. It didn’t take long to realize that just because a person is an atheist doesn’t mean they’re smart or rational people.

As a Black atheist and a Black feminist woman, this leaves me in a conundrum. A community which believes in the worst of me and my people, who cannot come to grips with the reality of folks who are not like them, is no community I can be a part of. So, what do I do? Where do I put down my flag? Well, it looks like I’ve already worked out most of the solution: build my own fort. Plant my OWN flag.

And that’s what I’ll continue to do with FxJB: giving the world the realness from a blerdy feminist atheist lens. I haven’t spoken on atheism and nonbelief in a while, and that’s mostly because for the most part, the issue of being a Black atheist hasn’t really been a big one for me. But now, with the rise of President #45, and his attack on the rights of ALL marginalized groups, the time has come to stand up and fight. And since, for the most part, the loudest voices in the mainstream atheist community only care about voicing their antifeminism and Islamophobia, I think my time would be better served to exalt Black atheist groups and the work they do to ensure not just more diversity and visibility in American atheism, but to combat injustice wherever it rears its ugly head.

There are many ways to #RESIST.

Keeping this site and my channel up and going is one of mine.

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