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These 'Droids Ain't Loyal, B: Eff David 8

Alien Covenant premiered on HBO this past Saturday; I had decided not to see it while it was playing in theaters because:

A. I still haven't qwhtiiiiiiite forgiven Ridley Scott for Exodus:Gods and Kings, and

B. Seeing only 2-3 Black characters gave me little hope any of them would survive

But still, this is part of the Alien franchise, which I love, and since it was premiering on satellite tv, having nothing else to do, I figured, "Why not?"

And, of course, none of the Black characters survived. (SPOILER...maybe?)

Buuuuuuuut that's a subject for another day.

What stood out the most to me, and what I think the first 5 minutes or so intended to establish, is David's utter contempt for humanity, and how it's made him no better than his cruel creator & master, Peter Weyland. Hell, within the first 5 minutes, we see the very moment the seed of David 8's contempt for humans was sown: Weyland is torn out of his self-absorbed monologue of wanting to find out where mankind comes from when David reminds him of his mortality while expressing natural confusion about his place. Weyland does what any cruel master does when they think their property is acting above the station they've assigned them: remind them of their status as beneath the master/creator. In the act of suddenly ordering David to serve him tea, Weyland began to awaken David's TIPE emotional consciousness and he begins to learn how cruel humans can be.

By the time we meet David for the very first time in Prometheus, the seed of dislike and resentment for humanity had begun to bloom further, with help from Meredith Vickers, Weyland's daughter, and Charlie Holloway, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw's atheist boyfriend. Having constantly experienced being othered by those he was created to resemble, it's only natural that David 8 came to resent humans; he also developed an arrogance of being superior to humans that becomes much more constant in Covenant, which drives him to focus on doing the thing he's unable to do biologically as a synthetic: create new lifeforms via experimentation. By the time we meet David 8 again in Covenant, he had become full circle as Weyland's "Frankenstein", becoming the very thing he resents humanity for.

Like Dr. Frankenstein, David became so obsessed with being able to create, he was willing to kill innocents, including Dr. Shaw, who he claimed to have "loved", and use them to further his goal. Like Frankenstein's monster, he was given emotions, but wasn't taught how to utilize them in a healthy way. David 8 became a sociopathic mad scientist, showing himself as a savior to assist the Covenant crew at one point, then revealing his true motives and allowing his monsters to attack and kill the crew. The only being David showed any measure of compassion to was fellow synthetic Walter, but he was willing to kill even his synthetic "brother" if he stood in the way of David's ultimate goal.

"I was not made to SERVE. Neither were YOU."

And now that he has full control of the colonizer ship Covenant, David 8 is poised to continue his experiments and develop his xenomorph species even further, which is basically the revelation of the movie: the Alien species of Lt. Ellen Ripley's nightmares, the species that will ultimately cause endless death and destruction, was all created by a sociopathic android.

This lends more evidence to my basic theory of all Alien franchise movies: Unless the syn's name is Bishop (& Call, if you uh, liked Alien Resurrection), DON'T TRUST 'EM.

#adroids #AlienCovenant #DontTrustAnAndroid

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