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WE Are The REAL #WednesdayWarriors

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

There are folks out there who are the real "Wednesday Warriors", but it's not who Nick Spencer thinks they are.

If you haven’t heard, former MOCKINGBIRD scribe Chelsea Chain terminated her Twitter account after receiving endless trolling and harassment from comicbro trolls regarding not just the book’s cancellation, but because of the final issue’s cover, in which Bobbi Morse is wearing a shirt that says, “ASK ME ABOUT MY FEMINIST AGENDA”. A perspective I’ve seen expressed by White comicbros on social media is the desire for comic books as a medium to be apolitical or that comics have always existed that way.

…nevermind that comics have been political, or that all the media we consume, by nature, is political.

Even the attempt to be APOLITICAL is a political choice in itself, but knowing facts about the world doesn’t seem to be a strong suit of comicbros.

But this post isn’t about them (entirely). It’s about some comments CAPTAIN AMERICA SAM WILSON & STEVE ROGERS scribe Nick Spencer made on his Twitter about the trolls.

Now, there were a good many folks who thought Spencer was rationalizing the behavior of the trolls, which he wasn’t doing.

Spencer was saying that if we---those of us who care about social justice, diverse representation within comics, etc---want to see changes that need to show up at the comic shops for the books we like, instead of just firing off tweets when our favorite books get canceled. And I would agree with Nick if…this wasn’t something that marginalized groups ALREADY DO and HAVE ALWAYS DONE.

This last tweet actually serves to show one of the main problems within the comics industry: holding work from traditionally marginalized and underrepresented groups to astronomical conditions for success, and if the work fails to reach it? Going back to pushing the antiquated status quo. In pushing this narrative, Spencer inadvertently perpetuates the false idea of there being a meritocracy in comics, and that if there IS a problem, that capitalism will solve it. Spencer had a chance to push for his industry to stop operating according to 1950s marketing ideas but puts the onus of ending a system that underrepresented groups didn't create ONTO underrepresented groups.

There's one last thing that I disagree with Nick Spencer about, and that's who the #WednesdayWarriors actually are, and that's underrepresented groups.

WE are the ones who’ve bought books for decades, being forced to exist vicariously through characters that didn’t look like us in books that have been tailored to a specific target market that didn’t include us from the jump. WE are the ones who show up every Wednesday and spend our dollars supporting books that have excluded us behind the pencil and ballpoint pen or featured very little of us via stereotypical, superficial character development (with the exception of a few good writers, like Claremont). WE are the ones who bought books where women have been drawn to the point where it was obvious they existed as props for male characters and for the male gaze. WE are the ones who've been fighting for the longest to remind our fave publishers that we exist in the world and therefore should exist in the books we love, and WE ARE THE ONES who deal with harassment and dogpiling in our social media mentions, throwing gallons of shade and snatching edges from comicsbros and internet edgelords when we DARE comic publishing houses to stop ignoring us and to do away with racially problematic marketing and publishing standards.


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