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Yes, Meghan Murphy, Your Criticism of Laverne Cox IS Transmisic and Racist AF

Where I defend Laverne Cox for doing a nude photoshoot, as well as defend the right of all Black women to do so, against bigoted trans-exclusionary-regressive feminists.

Laverne Cox, for Allure Magazine.

When I heard that Laverne Cox was going to be doing a nude photoshoot for Allure Magazine, I was so happy for her. I commend Laverne for daring to show her naked body to a majority White cis-heteronormative world and point of view that has yet to come to terms with the existence of trans bodies, as well as the existence of Black women who love & celebrate their own bodies. The act of a Black transwoman daring to go nude is quite the revolutionary act.

Not everyone thinks so, though. In a very bitter and downright hateful post on her website, Canadian anti-trans feminist Meghan Murphy harshly criticizes Laverne Cox not just for posing nude, but using hormones to transition into the gender that she identifies with & express her true gender as she sees fit, which sets off ALL kinds of transphobic red flags. Murphy’s problematic feminist follies also include:

  • accusing Cox of “having a ‘perfect’ body as defined by patriarchal/porn culture”, thereby COMPLETELY ignoring Laverne’s agency as a woman & human being to pose nude---for a WOMEN’S MAGAZINE!

  • perpetuating the racist stereotype of seeing Black women’s bodies as “hypersexual, therefore BAD and degrading” & seeing Black women’s expression of gender and womanhood as less than

  • venomously rejects that transwomen who utilize HRT (hormone replacement therapy), gender-reassignment surgery & any other type of surgery to transition love themselves because of Laverne’s choice to express her gender as a femme, and not how Meghan thinks she should express her gender as Gatekeeper Apparent of Feminism, something that White feminism has done for CENTURIES, & sadly continues to do

Something else that I found to be pretty insidious is Meghan’s feigning concern for transfolk because of how mainstream society expects them to transition into its standards of how women and men should look, sound, and behave, and using that to further push her transphobic, reactionary message:

Is it really a sign that we “love everything about ourselves” (which, for the record, I hardly expect anyone to do. Women, especially, are taught to hate their bodies and work to alter them to suit the expectations of a misogynist society. Trans people have received the message that, if they don’t properly fit into the limiting and oppressive gender binary, there is something wrong with them that can only be resolved by embracing the opposite end of the gender spectrum) if we alter our bodies through surgery and hormones? It seems clear that “radical self-acceptance” is not at all what Cox is experiencing or conveying to her audience.”

This is a perspective commonly expressed by TERFs: Trans Exclusive Reactionary Feminists. The R in TERF is usually “Radical”, but in my opinion, it’s not a radical thing to be an exclusionary bigot. And that’s just what this subgroup of feminists are: BIGOTS who, like Elizabeth Cady Staton and Andrea Dworkin, see themselves as the gatekeepers of Feminism and Womanhood, sitting at a table deciding who gets entry into the club, who’s humanity and expression of womanhood is acceptable, and who’s isn’t. And historically, their targets have been Black women and other women of color, sex workers, and transwomen.

But it’s a new time, and certainly a new day. And Black women aren’t taking this shit from feminists like Meghan Murphy NO MO! Because like @Karnythia and @thewayoftheid have said….


As I’m sure Meghan is finding out already.

Side note, Meghan: learn what misogyny is. Being called a worthless broad because of your bigotry towards a Black transwoman and transwomen period isn’t “virulent misogyny”.

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